mongo Changelog

  1. BUMP 0.9.10
  2. make shell use group cmd by default (can use groupeval if you want) fix group where no key specified
  3. wait for tools to quit before continuing - faster and more reliable
  4. runMongoProgram
  5. improve help for group() 
  6. make assert.soon take a string to eval
  7. fallotu from removing methods from Array
  8. remove methods in Array.prototype so for ( x in [] ) works
  9. test for count with field matching
  10. fix case where there is a large object early in a collection that is bigger than an early sized extent
  11. log(1) new extents
  12. put capped info into stats
  13. fix concurrency issue cleaning up pooled scopes
  14. fix mod eq 0
  15. fix ? case with SERVER-239
  16. fix windows mmap
  17. $mod operator
  18. test from before that works
  19. formatting
  20. get rid of warning
  21. --nssize parameter
  22. skip empty lines
  23. fix subobject selector returning the same object twice
  24. getMetadata() for GridFile Signed-off-by: Eliot
  25. getUploadDate() and getMD5() for GridFile Signed-off-by: Eliot
  26. fix windows groupcmd - assert is often overriden - be careful
  27. groupcmd handle some weird key cases
  28. clean groupcmd and make work with empty key
  29. update visual studio js code
  30. better error handling
  31. forgot to change a name
  32. make a group cmd that takes the same arguments as old db.eval version still using js reduce function, but considerably faster
  33. couple of small optimizations
  34. dont close lockfile if couldn't open SERVER-244
  35. fix relative include SERVER-242