mongo Changelog

  1. BUMP 1.1.4
  2. fix for windows
  3. Better formating for dbtests
  4. initial stab at rpm files SERVER-396
  5. initial stab at rpm files SERVER-396
  6. make MongoMutex recursive
  7. some mongomutex cleanup
  8. fix boost 1.34
  9. clean up MutexInfo
  10. add new test to dbtests in vcproj
  11. allow adding variable to global scope for M/R SERVER-449
  12. make some commands read-oinly
  13. use SlaveOk for doing counts SERVER-450
  14. add optional options param to more methods
  15. Support boost versions from 1.33 to 1.50 on windows
  16. sharded dropDatabase SHARDING-53
  17. Model::remove()
  18. Increase max data size to 32TB
  19. Fix for boost 1.33
  20. some debuggability
  21. Test for atomicIncrement() and ThreadedTest helper
  22. __MSVC__ -> _WIN32
  23. typo: MSCV -> MSVC
  24. Atomic increment (try 3)
  25. checkpoint some intermediate concurrency work
  26. removing atomic increment for now
  27. working atomic increment
  28. Make OID and MSGID increments atomic
  29. some debain etch notes
  30. better 32-bit error message
  31. use float like mongod
  32. add "ok" to commands result
  33. debugging for SHARDING-40 and SERVER-440
  34. Use boost's list_p in the json parser. SUPPORT-11 SERVER-443
  35. we are always static with pcre
  36. JSON parser now creates ints and longs SERVER-309
  37. Loosen test because capped collection size isn't exact
  38. fix boost include order
  39. better debugging
  40. some initial visual studio 2010 support
  41. fix shutdownServer in shell to show returend error msg
  42. some threadsafety on memory mapped file static methods
  43. ensure newline at and of buildinfo.cpp
  44. fix warning
  45. BSONObj::isValid makes sure objects are less than 8mb
  46. init fix
  47. mongoimport take --headerline for csv,tsv SERVER-444
  48. add warning
  49. icompile old boost
  50. remove commented line was for testing
  51. bug fix
  52. temp until we finish some code do not assert
  53. concurrency work
  54. checkpoitn a little sync work
  55. fix csv parsing with escaped fields SERVER-441
  56. only have default value in 1 place
  57. compile vstudio
  58. more error handling
  59. comment
  60. durability: added occasinal file sync default: sync every 60 seconds, confiruable with syncdelay SERVER-442
  61. minor concurrency prep tweaking
  62. linux compile
  63. extraneous log msg
  64. make jstOID a simple type and fix field filter and findOne
  65. forgot a test
  66. use Helpers::findById for simpel _id lookups
  67. some btree helpers and test
  68. fail early with compound shard keys
  69. bug fix with OID generation on OS X (init order problem)
  70. refactoring/cleaning of drop/dropDatabase/removeshard
  71. cleaning
  72. getShardVersion in mongos - diagnostic tools
  73. fix error message
  74. better message debugging
  75. fix SockAddr::toString
  76. bad git commit
  77. google profiler
  78. silly extraneous toString
  79. add boost version to sysinfo
  80. some command cleaning and query for distinct SERVER-437
  81. fail fast on capped delete SERVER-395
  82. add DBRef support to v8 engine (not DBPointer)
  83. fix for V8 TryCatch change
  84. OID::newState to generate fresh "machine" bits
  85. Reduce probability of OID collisions
  86. comment
  87. is this really waht broke?
  88. sync before going straight to mongod
  89. correct fix for SERVER-436
  90. fix btreecursor mods at the end of the cursor SERVER-436
  91. test for bad btree case
  92. cleaning code for deleteObjects
  93. a little cleaner test
  94. added bsonsize to bson objects in js
  95. add load() to v8 engine
  96. fix assertion SERVER-433
  97. better debian support
  98. option for modifier
  99. python 2.4 fix
  100. slightly nicer build failure message
  101. mongofiles put --replace
  102. assert when no shards SHARDING-54
  103. fix sharding on _id when _id is missing SHARDING-55
  104. better error message
  105. modules can configure themselves
  106. more build docs, and aliases for windows
  107. progress meters for large index builds
  108. Timer::seconds
  109. cleaning build docs
  110. db.printShardingStatus
  111. test that breaks in 1.0.x and passed in 1.1.x
  112. Better error messages
  113. sub-module directories
  114. fix linux static init. will have to look at windows more
  115. fix error message reporting on build index
  116. fix seg fault on windows because of static initializier order
  117. compile vstudio
  118. static init for linux
  119. module system, move mms into it
  120. better failure message
  121. compile visual studio
  122. some docs
  123. fixes for boost 1.36
  124. fix for SERVER-419 (introduced in 428f988a...)
  125. match free to malloc
  126. skipping all results shouldn't be an error for count operations
  127. 32-bit fix
  128. BDONObjBuilder::apendAsNumber better fix for SERVER-423
  129. fix import with long long SERVER-424
  130. some index perf test
  131. some index building code cleaning looking at SERVER-423, but can't see anything yet
  132. starting work on quorum server
  133. better m/r error handling and reporting
  134. fix count with no filter and limit
  135. made count command take optional size/limit params and added size() method to js query object SERVER-417
  136. moved some methods from DBClientBase to DBClientWithCommands
  137. tests to verify SERVER-413
  138. --configsrv implies diagLog = 1
  139. rename old oplog to diaglog - make it always compiled in
  140. starting rename old oplog to diaglog
  141. fsync command part of SERVER-255
  142. some db command cleaning
  143. MemoryMappedFile::flushAll
  144. use instead of for strict JSON DBRef encoding - more consistent
  145. question about SERVER-193
  146. optional params for map function SERVER-401
  147. better diagnostics for large keys
  148. handle comments at the beginning of code SERVER-398
  149. post 1.1.3 markers